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Friday, 22 May 2015

7 days of No Poo

So it has been 7 days since I first started the "No Poo" method. I haven't washed my hair again since then either. My hair is surprisingly really nice. It smells good, and it feels so thick.
7 days in!
About 3 days in, which is when I would normally wash my hair, I noticed my hair to have knots in it. I made a huge decision to comb my hair with a wide tooth comb. I never ever comb my hair when its dry because it makes my hair super puffy and frizzy. Since I knew I wasn't going out anywhere I figured I would take the chance. It did exactly what I expected it to do, puffy and frizzy. Combing it I spread out all of the oils in my hair evenly then I put it in a bun for a couple of hours. When I took it down... my hair looked so pretty! No more puff and frizz, but beautiful laying curls. The oils in my hair were not noticeable, my hair just looked really healthy.
Today I tried combing my hair again. After being in the bun for a few hours it still stayed a little puffy.
I think I will wash it soon since combing it out didn't make the oils on the top of my head disappear so well.
Today is my 30th comic! I had to do it about the "No Poo" Method! Enjoy!

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